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VToken (VTKN)

Since the start of the Covid19 pandemic, ExFor+ CIC has set out to provide mobile solutions to help minimize all your daily stresses — allowing you the chance to maximize your productivity and get back to the things that matter most. At ExFor+ CIC, we’ve witnessed first hand how technology and design work together to improve people’s lives, and believe that this winning combination has the power to revolutionise the way we live our lives. This is why we have developed the VToken (VTKN) to give back control to the individuals who own it.

VTKN White paper

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We are an innovative, and forward thinking organisation, we've recently invested in technologies that we feel will help the communities in which we all live, to communicate, share our hopes, dreams and experiences,  to help each other find what we need when we need it. We have invested into 16 apps with a number coming to the final stages of development that are soon to be released.  

VTKN 3232.png

"The world is evolving, we need to evolve with it."


VToken Contract Address: 

VToken Contract Total Supply: 

1,000,000,000,000,000 VTKN

VToken Decimals:


VToken adheres to:

BEP20/ERC20 Specifications

VToken is deployed on:

BSC Blockchain

VToken white paper:

VToken Symbol:


How to get VToken (VTKN)

How to PancakeSwap

Make sure you have a trusted wallet that you are happy to use many use Metamask and Trust Wallet there are others.

Step 1:
Step 2:
Step 3:

If you are going to exchange for VToken (VTKN) you will require some Binance Smart Chain (BNB). You can obtain this via one of the wallets above.

If unsure how to do this? please check the FAQ pages for each wallet found here: 

Metamask FAQ's

Trust Wallet FAQ's 

Take a note of the VTKN contract address to make sure you are interacting with the right contract and token:

Contract Address:


Step 4:

Head to Pancakeswap, Pancakeswap is one of the main and highly respected DeFi (Decentralised Finance) exchanges. A pair has been created between VTKN and BNB. If you wish to find the VTKN contract click "Trade Now" button this will take you to the token swap screen.

Step 5:

Connect your Metamask or Trust wallet to PancakeSwap using Wallet Connect via the "Connect Wallet" button in the top right of the PancakeSwap webpage.

Import Token Screen.png
PCS Lists Screen.png
Add VToken Screen.png
PCS Manage Token Screen.png
Step 6:

Once your wallet is connected, find the button in the below image that says "CAKE". Once you have located the button click it to move forwards.

Step 7:

Below is the next screen that will be presented, at the bottom of the list it says "Manage Tokens" to add VTKN to PancakeSwap please do click "Manage Tokens" to move forwards.

Step 8:

Below is the next screen that will be presented just below where it says "Manage" you will see two buttons "Lists" and "Tokens" please select Tokens.

Step 9:

Below is the next screen that will be presented. Copy and paste the VTKN contract address into the token search input box. This will then populate the screen with the VTKN and you will have a "Import" button to the right of the VTKN symbol. VTKN being a new token is awaiting BscScan to update the contract with the VToken Logo.

Step 10:

Below is the next screen that will be presented once you click the import button. The screen will prompt you to double check the token address as VTKN is not currently listed on "token lists" some of the Lists require a minimum of 20,000 users of the token. We are working towards this.

Step 11:

After doing all the above steps, you will be presented with the ability to exchange for VTKN. For new tokens Slippage may need to be adjusted if it doesnt go through with 0.5% please do check PancakeSwap FAQ's on how to increase Slippage. it may be as high as 15-20%.

PCS Landing Page.png
PCS Second screen.png

Why VToken (VTKN)?


The objective of VTKN is to create a new global support ecosystem powered by the BEP20/ERC20 token. The author of this web page, has consulted with the UK FCA and has read extensive documentation on how the UK Government perceives and regulates crypto assets, It is from this research that the token is believed to be classed as an unregulated exchange token. It is designed for the support of the communities in which we live, to aid them to grow socially and economically.  ExFor+ CIC and the organisations we are working with will continue to provide, support and offer employment opportunities to veterans and service personnel that have been willing to protect their countries freedoms and rights. ExFor+ CIC aim to be able to give further purpose to those who have served, by utilising the specialist skills and experiences, that they have gained whilst being willing to sacrifice for all. Our aim is become a global organisation that uses emerging technologies, without limits to what can be achieved. ExFor+ CIC have many unique initiatives already in the pipeline, that have not yet been brought to an old, antiquated and technology resistant support sector, we plan to be the new leaders in our field.



Our goals are simple:


  • Employ veterans of Emergency services and or the Armed Forces, providing transitional employment and support. Utilising the skills and experiences of this specialist cohort to provide back to the countries in which they have served.


  • To work for the community, to grow and strengthen them, so that we are all able to have a good standard of living.


  • To reduce Homelessness, Crime, Mental Health difficulties and increase life chances for all.


  • To centralise a fragmented and uncoordinated charity sector.


  • Working with government departments to be the ‘go to’ organisation for all things positive needed within the communities.


  • To continue and develop the work already started and undertaken by ExFor+ CIC.



VTKN is a solution that enables many to support those who are in need of being supported within society and the communities in which we live. One that is different to the current structures that are already in place. Which often utilise the beneficiaries to raise money and awareness of issues, often funding wages of non beneficiaries and not focusing on the beneficiary. We aim to be different to the processes of yesteryear. We plan to place the beneficiary first.

Areas of Focus:

The charity and Veteran Support Sector has for a long time needed to be overhauled and with watching how new technologies can provide opportunity VTKN was born. VTKN can resolve many of the current issues not only within the UK, but globally and we welcome the support from all those who wish to see the planet prosper.


We want to work on reducing:


  • Environmental dangers for future generations,

  • Food poverty,

  • Homelessness,

  • Poor Mental Health,

  • Unemployment

  • Criminal Activity

  • Substance misuse


We want to increase the life chances of the underprivileged and support the vulnerable, we also want to stop children from going hungry and create a UBI. We have worked with National Government contractors and have provided support too many in difficult situations. We believe we can continue to do this with your support, the power of all and the belief in VTKN.

VToken (VTKN) Distribution

Screenshot 2022-02-18 at 13.09.33.png

Total Supply:

VTKN is designed to have a capped total supply this will be 1 Quadrillion VTKN’s (1,000,000,000,000,000 ) using the standard ETH decimalisation of 18. There is no ICO which we hope will provide fairness to the community.

The break down of these 1 Qaudrillion VTKN’s is as follows:

1% of total supply will go to Founder of ExFor+ CIC, The Founder of ExFor+ CIC will not look to draw a wage from his role within ExFor+ CIC. This 1% is also to be utilised to bring on further members to support the growth and development of VTKN.

2.5% of total supply will be held in a wallet by ExFor+ CIC to provide 10,000,000 VTKN’s to every UK veteran. Any tokens unclaimed will be returned to ExFor+ CIC. Closing date for claiming is TBC, but we will announce this in good time.

20% of the total supply will be given to ExFor+ CIC to manage. Aiding the communities to grow socially and economically.

76.5% of the total supply will be placed with exchanges to enable individuals around the world to trade, transact and donate directly to beneficiaries via the upcoming apps or via their own wallets to others.

Benefits of VToken (VTKN)

Our aim with VTKN is to change the entire third sector and charitable space, enabling individuals around the world to support others, who are in direct need, this can be an individual who has been involved in an emergency situation, natural disaster, through to individuals who are in need of support or homeless. Although ExFor+ CIC does focus on the veteran community, we do want to positively impact the communities in which we as veterans return to and live within. 


What is the benefit of a cryptocurrency to the veteran and support sector:

  • Speed of funding support.

  • Centralised funding point.

  • No need to portray the veteran or vulnerable in a negative light.

  • No need for charities to utilise the veteran or the vulnerable as a commodity.

  • Giving the veteran and the vulnerable back control over who they are supported by, as well as where and how they are supported.

  • Transparency

  • Accountability

Why is VToken (VTKN) needed?

Why is a Cryptocurrency needed?:

At present veterans and those in need, are restricted to the services provided to them by the charities, or statutory authorities, each charity utilises their beneficiary to raise funds often portraying them in a negative light, often either as weak, fragile in need of support. Veterans and those in need, do not wish to receive pity. Current charities also have a clause known as the charitable exception but often do not promote this when promoting their cause.

The charitable exception is basically where a charity can make a decision to withhold its service if an individual does not fulfil their beneficiary criteria. This often leads to frustration and anger when individuals have been signposted to an organisation and then the charities decline support.

The veteran support sector alone has currently over 1800 charities and many gaps, having a cryptocurrency can reduce these gaps for the veteran as charities would need to work to support the veteran rather than using the veteran as a commodity to raise funds. This in turn means the veteran and the community get what they need when they need it, rather than being turned away from a service. Funds also, will be direct to the beneficiary to pay for services they need which removes the need or potential misuse of charitable funds via a third party or charity, where often a proportion of the funds raised are used for organisational costs and expenses.

It also means that it will reduce the requirement on statutory authorities, because veterans or those in need could look to private individuals or organisations for their support, which in turn means that the veteran and those in need are not being restricted to the charity sector anymore. Providing them with the freedom to choose what is right for their current need or requirement.



2011: Founder of ExFor+ CIC medically discharged from the UK Armed Forces (Royal Marines Commando)

2012: Founder of ExFor+ CIC started working for national and international organisations know as government contractors supporting the long term unemployed and economically inactive, with the broadest demographic, ranging from homeless, poor mental health and substance misusers through to highly qualified individuals with significant work histories.

2013: ExFor+ CIC vision was developed with a full business plan with a significant number of verticals.

2015: ExFor+ CIC started to look for funding opportunities.

2017: Funding Secured and preparation for launch.

2018-19: ExFor+ CIC Launched from the UK House of Commons supporting almost 200+ veterans in its first two years.

2020-21: Global Pandemic, still focused on supporting the communities and the veteran community, developed a number of further prospective income streams and these are soon to be deployed via a range of apps. All being Tech focused to aid speed of engagement and use of VTKN.


16 Apps ranging from Crypto Wallet, Social Media, Marketing, Employment and more…

2021-22: Bringing VTKN to reality and deploying the BEP20/ERC20 Token.

2022-onwards: Helping Veterans, Communities globally to make the world and the lives of its inhabitants a better safer world to live in. Deploying the Apps that are already in and coming to an end of development.

Meet The VTKN Team

Simon Adams

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Simon is a former Royal Marine Commando, he was medically discharge in 2011 and went on to work for some of the UK's largest Government contractors since 2012.

Simon's work since 2012 has seen him support many individuals who've been classed as long-term unemployed, socially and economically inactive.

In 2013 having seen a number of service leavers and veterans having struggled in the benefits space, he started to develop a direction for social good. He became a social entrepreneur and established ExFor+ CIC.

He has provided direction to many influential individuals within UK Government. 

He came up with the direction of a cryptocurrency to support all, one that could be used to make sure that individuals get the support they need when they need it, access the services they need when they need them and one that could not be misused. One that could change the whole charitable and third sector, VTKN was born.


Screenshot 2022-02-10 at 15.55.01.png

Massimo has been involved in the crypto and security sector since 2009. He has led the European eDiscovery team at Forensic Risk Alliance and was the founder of Pinnacle Blocks.


Massimo's vision within VTKN is to advance the sector by applying blockchain technology  and combining this with his previous experience within the Royal Marines. 

His goal is to make an important resource able to help those who have helped us.

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Simon Maryan


A former Royal Marine who joined as a boy soldier, his career led him to becoming a very adept Human Intelligence Specialist, operating across the globe in hostile and extremely stressful environments. Now a recognised international speaker, author, trainer and coach, utilising lessons from a life of action along with many years spent training in psychology, psychotherapy and coaching to help people prepare for and overcome trauma and other stressful situations.


Simon delivers a compilation of keynote, motivational and inspirational talks for a wide variety of clients, internationally. Some of these have included the UK Military, FBI, New York Police Department, NYPD Hostage Negotiation Team, oil and gas, and other energy companies, global banks and various UK Government departments in need of his unusual experiences and expertise.


In 2017 Simon co-founded a unique and innovative uniform services mental health charity in the UK called Icarus.

Simon has been frequently featured on BBC, STV, BFBS, BBC Radio, Northsound Radio, Forces News, Sunday Mirror, Financial Times and various International podcasts and interviews.

Simon understands the charitable sector and understands how VTKN can benefit it greatly, this is why he is supporting it to grow.


Stephen Burns MC 


Stephen Burns MC, a former Royal Marine, SBS soldier and founder of Op Spartan. A community of veterans, military, emergency service and their supporters.


His vision is to create an online platform, a connector of resources and collaborative piece for the genuine, leading support organisations already established. With a focus on prevention and solutions.


The foundations of Op Spartan are built on community, standing together…



Image by Saxon Petersen

Alex Curtis served in the British Army, 2nd Battalion THE RIFLES. Where he deployed overseas to Afghanistan OP Herrick 15.

Since leaving the army he went to university earning a first degree with honours and has worked his way up the security industry he is currently an active Close Protection Operator.


He also owns a clothing company called "Breach & Clear Clothing Company" which is catered for veteran and current serving operators. 

Alex is working on a concept to help veterans suffering with PTSD and helping out with SITREP and VTKN

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Benefits of VTKN
Why is VTKN needed?
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