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Recruitment Agency / Business Start-up Support: 

Career Consulting and Recruitment 


  • Goal Clarity

  • Resume & Interview Skills

  • Navigating Office Dynamics

  • Balance Work, Life, Family

  • Earning The Money You Deserve

  • Breaking Through Barriers






Career Consulting

When you meet with your Peer Support, you can discuss the direction and support that you wish to engage with, our aim and goal is to support and aid you to obtain long term and sustainable employment along with dealing with the transition to the Civilian work force or sector of choice. We will offer careers advice and guidance and help you find the career that is going to match your interests and skill sets.

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  • Career Coaching

  • Mid Career Consultations

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Career Transitions


When looking for a future career you may have a very rigid idea and direction of where you would like to go, however good it is to have a direction it is also a good idea to be flexible and fluid, as a new role that you thought might not be for you, actually turns out to be the best fit and direction for you to engage with and pursue.



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