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About ExFor+ C.I.C

The gear that makes it work?


ExFor+ CIC aims to be the "gear" that makes "it" work.

​Question: What is "it"?  


Answer: "it" is the charitable and statutory authority sectors


Question: What needs to be made to work within these sectors?


Answer: Communication, collaboration, cohesion and much more.  


Question: How can it work?

ExFor+ CIC will utilise the skills, experience and expertise of the members of the veteran communities of the Armed Forces and the Blue Light services. These people are well respected and renowned for being effective communicators. They have exemplary teamwork skills and can think logically about solutions to difficult problems at speed.

In doing this, we will reduce many of the difficulties within both the charitable and statutory authority sectors.  This is possible as they will then be able to utilise the valuable skills and experience of those within both sectors, as well as streamlining and reducing referral and waiting times.

By being time efficient, individually centred and wellbeing and holistically focused, this efficient and more supportive service will reduce the attributed costs these difficulties bring.

​All this will be further achieved by utilising the resources that are already in place, reducing the requirement for further duplication, therefore making the UK unified in its purpose.

ExFor+ CIC will also enable veterans to have a guaranteed interview for either employment or volunteering immediately upon leaving service and entering the civilian world. By using the support of significant charitable organisations, we’ll minimise many of the difficulties associated with the veteran transition to civilian life.

​If you choose to support ExFor+ CIC either by providing  funding or by raising our profile with those that you feel would benefit from the support services, you will also be aiding unity and cohesion within the UK. 


Are ExFor+ a charity?

ExFor+ is legally formed as a  Community Interest Company (CIC) and operates as a not-for-profit organisation. As ExFor+ is not a charity, it’s  not registered with the charities commission. Instead, it is regulated by the CIC regulator. ExFor+ CIC has its own legal entity with an "asset lock" but has charitable aims and objectives. 

Whilst, ExFor+ CIC may become a charity in the future, it’s not a direction which is presently being pursued. The CEO and Founder of ExFor+ feels that it could be perceived as conflict and competition for charities within the sectors in which it engages.

​The main aim, objective and direction of ExFor+ CIC is to provide support back to the community of the UK and the commonwealth utilising any surpluses made. It will provide support to all those that have sacrificed their time, way of life and wellbeing through their service to the UK within the tri-services (Army, Navy and RAF) the Uniformed Public Services (Police, Fire Brigade, Ambulance, NHS frontline clinical staff and Coastguard) as well as supporting those of the civilian community that find themselves in positions of difficulty.

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