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Founder and Chief Executive Officer


S. Adams

S. Adams

Founder/CEO of ExFor+ C.I.C.

Former Work Programme Adviser,

Former Royal Marine,

VToken creator

Having worked within the Welfare to Work sector since 2012 for Prospects, after my medical discharge from the Royal Marines in 2011, I have had to learn, adapt and undertake new tasking's "this will be very familiar to those that have served". However, my biggest motivator and passion was to continue to serve my country by supporting those in positions of difficulty, to develop themselves and create social mobility. The majority of individuals that have been supported have been from the UK unemployed, covering a wide and varied social demographic, back into long-term and sustainable employment.


I have seen many come through the office doors of my previous employer "Prospects" that have been marginalised from the "Norms" of society due to their personal physical/mental health, physical appearance and physical limitations along with those that have had wide and varied substance misuse and addiction difficulties.


Within the Welfare to Work customer base, I have also encountered a number of ex HM Armed Forces and Public Service Personnel and their families, with a vast range of  barriers and difficulties. Some from service and others caused due to their way of life afterwards.


I am  now looking to deliver a National project through the organisation of ExFor+ C.I.C with the support of National and International organisations and Non-profits.


ExFor+ will be an organisation formed for the benefit and development of the UK community along with those in which we live, but also with a direction of aiding and supporting those currently serving and their families, through to veteran members of the Armed Forces and Uniformed Public Services, including the NHS, Coastguard and RNLI.


This will be carried out by an initial Information and guidance/signposting service for the outlined customer base, to the appropriate organisations and charities that will aid them with moving forwards, whether their goal is employment or wellbeing focused they will be supported in attaining their personal objectives.



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