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We are adapting our service and support structures in this very difficult time, We have the VHub Forum that can enable communications throughout the UK, The Forum is broken down regionally so you will be able to speak and engage with individuals that are local to you, If you would like to utilise this feature please do click the button below: 

Also at this difficult time we are seeing the need for the community to be working together to support those who are in need, be this on a National level such as farmers who are going to be in need of support to pick their produce, through to individuals who may need food or supplies being left on their doorstep due to self isolation. We as a country need to be pulling together to support everyone through this very difficult and often distressing time. If you have a need? please do let us know below by uploading it to the database, we will then endeavour to provide this need, however as a small organisation if we are unable to do so we will aim to be in contact as soon as possible. 

Need Help Click Here
See where we are operating

Updated every 48hrs (approx)

See where there is a need

Updated every 1hr (approx)

Councils and local authorities are stepping up and coordinating locally through their community voluntary sectors and you may feel more comfortable engaging with them. We are not able to check every volunteer or individual who checks the help needed database so for this reason ExFor+ CIC cannot be held responsible for any material or financial loss, damage or personal injury that may arise from engaging on this support feature, please do make sure that you carry out your own appropriate checks you feel needed and that you feel comfortable before engaging and tasking volunteers who may make contact to support you. 

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