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Veterans Empowerment Project:

Calling all Veterans, former service personnel, families and relatives

Do you have a passion for wanting to make a difference and change in the areas and communities in which you live?

If so?

please do read on. 

What is the Veterans Empowerment Project?

The Veterans Empowerment Project/initiative is designed to primarily support veterans that are currently unemployed or economically inactive to utilise their skills and experiences to help others within the communities in which they live, Veterans have often joined the services because they have the direction of wanting to carry out the right thing for their country and its citizens. Upon leaving service this can often be lost, due to the feeling of no longer belonging to a group that they lived, worked and engaged with on a daily basis. The Veterans Empowerment Project enables individuals to have a further purpose once more.


"As a veteran, I personally joined the Armed Forces (Royal Marines) because I wanted to make a difference however, I was medically discharged from service before I could achieve this. Having returned to civvi life I still want to make a positive difference and this is why the Veterans Empowerment Project has come about. I have supported some 400 individuals back in to long term and sustainable employment or education within my home town when working with my previous employer, I am sure there will be many others that will have the ability to do the same, when I left the Royal Marines; I felt lost and not part of society and since leaving service often feeling under valued".


However, your skills and experiences can be utilised to develop the communities in which you live. To make them a better place for you, your families and your neighbours making them potentially safer for future generations. With recent National News and the NHS calling for over 250,000 volunteers there is now a time for us to step up and serve the country once more. In the UK alone there are some 200,000 veterans who are able to become a volunteer to ExFor+ CIC, No matter our injuries or difficulties ExFor+ CIC feel that we all have some value to give in aiding and making our country a safer and better place to live. 

Currently in one of our countries most darkest times when the Government has taken the unprecedented approach to enforce a lockdown Nationally, This is we feel the time for the Veteran and Armed Forces Community to unite behind one purpose, which is to support the country that we were often willing to sacrifice so much of our time and lives, we have loved ones and we have families and all at this countries time of need, need support, but we also need the Government to be wiling to work with one overarching coordinator to enable this to happen. We as a community have skills that are second to none in logistics, communications and getting jobs done. We have often been portrayed as broken and overly stigmatised due the difficulties we may have from service, well maybe it is time to show that we can give back and can deliver a support service that is second to none, giving us purpose once more. If you are wanting to join the veterans empowerment project with ExFor+ CIC read further. 


The more who do the more we also have a chance of changing the veterans support sector for the better, making it work and support us, to support and serve our country once more and making us the best that we can be.  

Who is eligible to engage with the Veterans Empowerment Project?


All veterans, that are currently in employment. Lets make the Armed Forces Covenant Work, when our country needs us we should be able to support it and protect it once more.


Those who are eligible to engage in the Veteran Empowerment Project are the Veterans, Partners and Family members of veterans who are unemployed or receiving employment related benefits (JSA, ESA) from the Job centre. 

Economically Inactive:

Many veterans who have been discharged from service may be in receipt of a Armed Forces Pension or Gauranteed Income Payment, this may mean that they do not need to rely on employment related benefits or currently within a position of employment. However, if the Veteran, Partner or family members are inactive in anyway they are able to engage with ExFor+ C.I.C. and the Veteran Empowerment Project to provide support back to the communities in which they live.

Where is the Veteran Empowerment Project starting?

The Project will be initially starting throughout the Southwest of the United Kingdom, this will include counties; Wiltshire, Hampshire, Dorset, Devon, Somerset, Cornwall. However, if you are out of these counties do please make contact and express your interest in engaging with the Veterans Empowerment Project. We have engaged and worked with Veterans throughout the UK and have the ability to mobilise other areas quickly if the government wish to support and engage on the development of this initiative.

Aims of the Veteran Empowerment Project:

The aim will be to engage with voluntary attendees at delivery locations throughout the Southwest and the UK, where members of the ExFor+ C.I.C. team will work with those eligible to engage on the Veterans Empowerment Project, aiding them in areas of personal development, education and training to enable the unemployed and inactive volunteers to see what they are able of achieving, by creating social and economic change to themselves and their local communities.

Those that engage on the project will be entitled to the support of ExFor+ C.I.C. when engaging in employment or related activities to enable them to move away from being unemployed and inactive inactive within society.

Those currently employed will be supported when returning to their employers and their employers will also be able to gain support from ExFor+ CIC and other initiatives, that are currently in place. 

Anticipated outcomes:

Those eligible for the Veterans Empowerment Project will hopefully gain in; Self confidence, wellbeing, personal development, employment and education as well as gaining a further purpose to the one that they potentially may have lost when leaving service, "one where they are supporting their communities and actively making changes both socially and economically within their local environments". 

Every member of the Veterans Empowerment Project will be a volunteer, from volunteering they will be able to see what their true potential is, Members of The Veterans Empowerment Project will be aided/supported in reaching their potential for their future.

What is ExFor+ C.I.C looking for?

ExFor+ C.I.C. are looking for a minimum of 200,000+ Veterans (Those who have served in the Armed forces) the project is initially restricted to Armed Forces veterans  to become volunteers but it is planned that