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Support ExFor+ C.I.C.

By Supporting ExFor+ C.I.C. you enable veterans and service leavers to :

  • have the option of being employed by ExFor+ C.I.C. 

  • have time to decompress from service, injuries and allow them to normalise back to civilian way of life 

  • have a further purpose outside of the forces/services 

  • provide positive support to the UK both Socially and Economically

  • gain employment, education and training in a single employer setting 

  • have the provision of a single employer that engages with veteran and service charities to aid in transition 

  • remove the stresses and strains of having to find an immediate job role / employer upon leaving service 

  • reduce the requirement of having to engage with the government benefits system as they can be employed from date of discharge

  •  transition in their own time without restrictions to provision 

  • develop their own paths and directions of employment or self employment with knowledge that they can be supported if it does not work out the first time and that they can return to ExFor+ C.I.C.

If you feel that enabling the above for veterans and service leavers is something that you would like to support, please do feel free to support us through our button below:

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