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Adventure Training 


At ExFor+ CIC we are always looking for ways to aid veterans with not only their physical and mental health, but also with their future aims, goals and ambitions. ExFor+ CIC have been fortunate to of helped and supported a number of service leavers and veterans to achieve their personal aims, goals and objectives. We are happy to work with and introduce you to other organisations who share the passion for aiding individuals to achieve the best them. We are very fortunate and proud to bring some of these opportunities to you via this page.


We ask for you to speak with the organisations that are offering the Adventure Training or Expeditions directly to learn more about what is being offered as well as ascertaining if it is right for you, we only aid in the promotion of these experiences, it is for you to make sure that the experiences are appropriate for you to attend and/or engage on.  ExFor+ CIC do not accept any liability for you if you choose to undertake the activities, you must also make sure that you have appropriate personal insurance cover.  Please read our Disclaimer

Cape Town Adventure Safari
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