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Daniela and Sam's Aconcagua Expedition

ExFor+ C.I.C. are proud to be helping Sam and Daniela raise awareness of their joint mission:

"Our mission is to climb the highest peaks on each of the 7 continents"

Sam is a former Royal Marine Commando who served in Afghanistan (Herrick 14). Sam has significant experience from his service, having trained within survival and mountain warfare, extreme cold weather warfare, river crossing and ice escape drills.

Sam is undertaking these challenges to help raise awareness about veterans mental health and show that veterans are able to achieve great things after they leave their service. Sam is undertaking these challenges to help raise awareness of the previously stated veteran areas of support, but also to raise funds for further veterans welfare and support services.

Daniela is a highly experienced and recognised in a number of sports: climbing, hiking, athletics at professional level, bouldering, snowboarding, diving.


Daniela is part of the Kilpi Racing team for product testing and is also recognised as a professional model & sports model. Daniela is undertaking the 7 expeditions and attempting a national record in the Czech Republic – being the first Czech woman to climb the 7 highest peaks of each continent.

Sam and Daniela already have support from a number of organisations and armed forces associations and charities, with this combined support they currently have the ability to effectively reach out to 96,000+ members of social media accounts and Media support in the Czech Republic and UK.


With all the above outlined; if you are able to also support Sam and Daniela to achieve their mission you will be able to:


  • have your organisational logo placed on their summit suits, training suits and flags used for summit photos, promotion photos and videos

  • have your products tested in the most demanding of conditions

  • have your products tested with first hand experiences and be provided with all the climbing and training/product testing materials

  • utilise them as part of your marketing campaigns

If you would like to find out more? please do review the PDF viewer below by clicking or scrolling through the individual pages to find out what Sam and Daniela's mission entails.

If you are wanting to support you can make direct contact with Sam or Daniela on the details provided within the attached document, alternatively follow them and keep up to date with their progress on social media:

  • Instagram Social Icon

Read More about their recent expeditions:

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