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Benefits of Transitional Employment to those leaving service

When leaving the service it can be difficult to know what to do next, especially if you have served for a long period of time.

Having worked and been within a structured and highly focused environment for what can be many years, it might seem that the rest of the world is lacking when it comes to the same levels of commitment, and team work that you find in the forces.

All this can make transitioning to civilian life a lot harder than it needs to be. Transitional employment can act as a useful bridge to get you on the right track and also provide you with the skills and experiences of knowing the civilian life before you look to venture in to your next career or way of life.

A transitional employer can help with training and guidance as you ease back in to civilian life, they can also provide a positive reinforcement at times when there are issues that need to be address be this with understanding language and also the social environment to which you are returning.

ExFor+ aims to be such an employer. ExFor+ hopes , in the near future, to be able to offer service levers a bridge to arch over the significant gap that many of those that leave service often face as they move into civilian life.

During this time it is the aim of ExFor+ to also provide transitional training that provides the appropriate qualifications to seek future employment that is suitable for those who have served, providing a further purpose for those leaving service by aiding and assisting others transition from service as well as supporting the UK socially and economically.

Service leavers and veterans will be free to move on, as with all civilian employment, whenever they feel ready to do so and will be supported in there transition from employment with ExFor+ to their next be this with another employer or as self employed.

Those who have been employed and supported by ExFor+ will however always be welcome back and continue to receive assistance, if needed, when ever they need it. Should they fall out of work or self employment or if they just need to have a supportive environment once again to aid them past any difficulty that they may be facing.

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