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Our Plans and Pricing:

When you have purchased one of the below plans, you will be redirected to the ExFor+ C.I.C. home page, please return to the feature that your plan corresponds with and you will be able to access this for the length of the plan outlined : 

Please tick to confirm that you have read and agree to our AML/CTF and KYC policy found here

Manage your plans, Manage your future.

  • Veri-Tags (Civilian)

    Every year
    Verify yourself and protect what is yours
    • Confirm your Identity with us only once
    • Confirm your Identity with others, quickly and securely
    • Speed up your access to statutory services
    • Protect personal belongings large or small
    • No more remembering phone numbers
    • Helpful for those who are forgetful
    • Manage your own data
  • Veteran Veri-Tags

    Every year
    Confirm your service only once!
    • Life time confirmation of service.
    • Not another card to carry
    • Speed up your access to support organisations
    • Gain access to available offers for veterans
    • Access to veterans areas on Investors in Veterans website
    • Access to Veterans Voice
    • and much, much more.
  • Serving Veri-Tags

    Every year
    For those who protect us
    • Be prepared for leaving
    • Exclusive discounts
    • Ability to engage with support quickly and effectively
    • No more confirming your service, do it once!
    • Access to veteran and service personnel only events
    • Same benefits as the Veterans Veri-Tags.
  • Veri-Tags Web App

    For Organisations who wish to accept Veri-Tags
    Valid for 12 months
    • Access to the Veri-Tags website
    • Ability to view Veri-Tags provided to you
    • Ability to communicate with specific Veri-Tag holders
  • Discount Providers

    Every year
    For Companies and Organisations to Advertise Discounts
    • Fixed yearly payment (No other fees)
    • Upload as many discounts as you like
    • An easy way to get individuals interested in your products
    • Increase awareness of your organisation
    • Support those who've served
  • Support Providers

    Every year
    Let veterans know how to contact you
    • A support service profile that you can update as you grow
    • Let people know how to contact you and where you work from
    • Find out how your beneficiary has already been supported
    • Let Veterans know of your support services
    • Let others know of how you have supported veterans
    • Speed up your engagement with veterans

Organisations we work with that accept Veri-Tags:

Who accepts Veri-Tags
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