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A. Blackman

A. Blackman

ExFor+ C.I.C. Veterans In Custody Support Services, Director 

ExFor+ C.I.C. Progression Coach,

Former CSgt of the Royal Marines

Leaving college at the end of 1993 with a less than impressive academic record, I was at something of a crossroads with no clear career pathway in mind.


I took work at a local dairy farm as a casual labourer; however it was not long until my hard work and diligence allowed me to gain a trusted and skilled position within the organisation, as a dairy technician. It was here that I stayed until joining the Royal Marines in 1998.


I spent almost 16 years in the Royal Marines, during which time I deployed on six operational tours of duty with deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan amongst them. During my time in the Royal Marines I was able to rise to the rank of Colour Sergeant, undertaking a wide range of roles including many in training establishments.


I had the privilege to serve at 40 Commando Royal Marines, 42 Commando Royal Marines, Commando Training Centre Royal Marines and 43 Commando Fleet Protection Group Royal Marines. I also had the honour of representing the Royal Marines as an instructor with the Operational Training and Advisory Group (OPTAG).


It was during my time in the Royal Marines that my interest in education was reignited, allowing me to gain many of the qualifications I had been unable to attain at school. This interest has continued to the point that I am now working through a distance learning course with the Open University with the hope of gaining a BA (Honours) degree in Combined Social Science.


Now in the civilian sector I have endeavoured to take all the positive aspects and characteristics I acquired in the Royal Marines, highly professional standards and diligent work ethic among them, all of which were a mainstay of my time in service.


Being a member of the ExFor+ team, I hope to have a positive impact on those veterans working through the transition into civilian life.


In my free time I enjoy playing golf and cycling as well as walking the family dog with my wife. 

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Alexander Blackman



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